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Dr. Kate was featured on an episode of Chatting with the Verona Area Chamber of Commerce–Check it out!


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Late May/Early June highlights:


Memorial Day weekend marked the first time dental assistants Jean and Brenda ran a 10K race—that’s 6.2 miles!  Joined by Dr. Kate, the three participated in the Twilight 10K Saturday night of Memorial Day weekend.  This fun event started and finished in downtown Madison on the Capital Square.  The race start time of 8 pm meant that all runners ran with “glow” objects like bracelets, necklaces and rings.  The course highlighted different areas of Madison like Langdon Street, Observatory Hill, Camp Randall, the Kohl Center and, of course, the Capital Square.  Jean and Brenda both rocked their first 10K and are now working on getting others in the office to join them in September for the Zoo Run!  Make sure to tell them “Congratulations!” at your next visit.


Dr. Kate elected to be a glutton for punishment and ran the Madison 1/2 marathon Sunday morning after running the 10K the night before.  She was excited that Jean came down to cheer and take a race action photo!

The second weekend in June found Drs. John and Kate, along with dental assistants Brenda and Jean at Level 4 (of 5) training for CEREC in Scottsdale, AZ. Thanks to new Delta flight schedules, this trip had less hectic flight times than in the past.  The group was able to arrive mid-day prior to the course, which meant Dr. Kate finally made it to the pool after not having a chance at any of the previous training courses.


After a cool and rainy Wisconsin spring, Arizona was a change of pace.  The weather was a hot 109-113 degrees during the day with overnight “lows” in the 90’s.  In spite of the extreme weather, all of those in attendance from the Midwest enjoyed warmer and drier weather than we’ve had back home yet this year!


The course focused exclusively on new materials, software, techniques and hands-on training for crowns on front teeth.  A major CEREC software update was released this past Monday and our office had the advantage of getting training ahead of time.


We look forward to using all that we have learned back in the office and are excited to complete the last level of our course sometime before Spring 2014!


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Last weekend Dr. John, Dr. Kate and dental assistant Brenda traveled to the exotic locale (haha) of Pewaukee, WI for training on new Cerec computer software, new Cerec crown materials,  and on how to make those Cerec crowns beautiful with a new line of custom colors and glazes.

Needless to say, all were very impressed with the new products coming out and can’t wait to get them in the office one available.  Here are some photos of the class taken by Dr. Kate of Dr. John and Brenda at work:


Matching up the correct colors using a color guide


Who knew that the color blue would be used on teeth?


Following the PDF instructions


A careful balancing act

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As many patients who have been to our office know, it is often possible to have a crown completed in 1-visit.  With an abundance of types of porcelain materials on the market, our office wanted to make sure that we chose products that were fully tested for strength and longevity, as well as long-term appearance, before using them in patient’s mouths.  We came to find two materials that met our standards.

One of these materials that has been a “game-changer” in dentistry is called E-max and is being used by our office along with hundreds of other dental offices and dental labs around the country to fabricate beautiful, natural looking crown. Not only is this material beautiful, it is very strong and has the long-term studies to back it up.

Drs. John and Kate received more advanced training on E-max and CEREC  1-visit crowns in mid-March 2013 and will be taking 2 more courses (late April and early June) to continue to provide the best treatments for the patients in our office.

The next time you need a crown, ask if a 1-visit CEREC crown made from E-max is the best choice for your mouth!

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December Recap


On the very last day of December we look back on a fantastic 2012.  Our practice has been truly blessed with wonderful patients throughout the year.  It is our goal to help all achieve optimum oral health and we couldn’t do it without our wonderful team.

In the last month of 2012, Dr. John, and long-time assistants Brenda and Jean received advanced Cerec training that is a pre-requisite to a course Drs. John and Kate will attend in March. Brenda and Jean are now some of the most advanced Cerec-trained assistants in Wisconsin.  Coming in late Spring 2013 look for even better Cerec advances as the latest technology is installed in the office!

It is our wish that you have a wonderful 2013 filled with the most important things of all:  Your health, your family and friends.

Happy New Year!

-Main Street Dentists-


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CEREC training was awesome!!

For two days in January, Dr. Kate attended the Scottsdale Center for CEREC training. For the last 10 years, Dr. John has been providing all-ceramic restorations (crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers) that are made right here in our office using advanced computer technology.  Now, for the first time, Dr. Kate will be able to offer all of these same services.

In this photo, you can see an example of how a crown is designed using this advanced technology after taking a series of photos of the patient’s teeth.

The crown is then milled out of a solid block of porcelain here in the office.

One new super-strong porcelain we are pleased to offer is emax.  This porcelain is so advanced that it is able help stop cracks that could form over time.  The next time you need a crown, ask if emax is right for you!

There are a lot of exciting new technologies that CEREC has been developing.  Watch for updates as we incorporate them into the office to make your 1-visit appointment for permanent restorations even shorter, and, hopefully, more enjoyable!

Thanks to cerecdoctors.com for the photos.

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